And so it begins…

I’ve thought about writing a blog for a while now, but there had been some negativity in my mind that was holding me back. It had to do with some misguided ideas I had formed about the concept of a blog and its purpose as a tool of self-promotion. I’ve come to realise that’s pretty stupid; that way of thinking, and that sort of cynicism, generally speaking, represents the antithesis of how I want to live my life, and make choices about things along the way.


The change of heart was inspired in part by some thought provoking words by Hunter S. Thompson, who never does fail to fascinate.  The main reason though, has to do with being afforded a lot more time to myself than I’ve generally been used to; something that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. This is on account of recently leaving home to start an internship. What has naturally developed into a kind of period of reflection has proven to be quite insightful, perhaps even transformational… although that may be pushing the boat out a little. In light of this, I’ve decided to dedicate more time to activities that I’ve often overlooked in the past (such as writing) in favour of sitting back comfortably to enjoy TV or video games.


When I do bother to sit down and give writing the genuine time and attention it deserves and requires, it’s something I really do enjoy. It seems to evoke in me a unique feeling, and grants me a greater satisfaction than the aforementioned activities. Now that isn’t to say I don’t immensely enjoy the tactical intricacies of a game of manual FIFA, or watching a master at work in James Gandolfini, but I suppose it’s more about trying to redress the balance, so to speak. It’s also about spending more time thinking, learning and contemplating the things that intrigue and fascinate me.


And so this blog is going to serve as a platform for me to write about pretty much whatever comes to mind, for there’s really no better place to experiment. As such I can’t really predict with any certainty what kind of topics I’ll be exploring, but no doubt there will be some quasi-philosophical introspection, some thoughts on current affairs, hopefully a little bit of history, and anything else that evokes in me a desire to get writing. I hope you enjoy. 


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